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Privacy policy

1. Certain regulations in the clauses will be replaced by new regulations at any time, and the new regulations will be provided to you by notice or system notification.

2. We protect users' privacy and personal information and accounts in accordance with privacy protection policies.

3. We will do our best to ensure that the data you give us is safe. All data transmission uses encryption technology. When the data is stored on our server, we will use the latest firewall technology to protect your data.Our website and software use the latest technology to ensure that the data is correct and confidential, and to protect your data from unauthorized use or loss.

4. Please protect your account, please do not share the login password and payment password with others, and the company will not be responsible if it is stolen.

5. For more security, we do not recommend that you set a simple and easy password, such as (123456) or (888888). If theft or other property damage is caused, the company will not be responsible.

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